robert keßler - guitar and composing - robert kessler

Robert Keßler ist Gitarrist, Komponist und Pädagoge,

in dessen Musik zeitgenössischer Jazz, Weltmusik und Pop verschmelzen.


„It is about electrifying, tight music. Kessler and the group are like a squad of hugh-jumpers that are hitting the 2, 70m-mark and land without any injuries. This band is a steaming laboratory, inevitably pressing their heat into the listeners’ guts and brains, (…) a vibrating, powerful ensemble, an organism …. Music, you wouldn’t want to miss!“
(Jazzpodium, Feb 2008)

„Highly promising and very much worth listening. On this band’s album it is truly revealed what young German musicians are capable of.“
(Archtop Germany, Dec 2008)

„Kessler’s debut is a thunderbolt“
(Andreas Schmitz, Dec 2008)

„A brilliant instrumentralist … shining with well-measured solos, with thrilling compositions and evenly matched themes …, great album.“
(Gitarre und Bass, Jul 2009)

Nominated for the “Album of the Year 2008” by Archtop Germany

„A lucky choice“
(Arnulf Sowa – Fränkischer Tag 03/2011)